Wefunder Launch

Crypto World just launched our Wefunder Campaign to help raise the funds we need to take Crypto World to the next level! Help us on our journey and receive some equity in Crypto World!

Crypto World, the first of its kind brick and mortar store that provides crypto education, mining, and staking, announced today the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder on April 5th, 2022 to raise the necessary capital in order to open new locations and expand their mining & staking pools.  Ryan from Wefunder said, "Crypto is a hot industry right now, this will be one of the hottest companies to invest in.  They are first to market and they have a great business model."

Crypto World has chosen Wefunder, a popular crowdfunding platform with over a million angel investors, in order to raise up to $5 million on SEC Regulation CF, also known as crowdfunding. The regulation is part of the previously enacted JOBS Act, providing a viable alternative around the previous "accredited investor" limitation that kept smaller investors and entrepreneurs from making investments in startups and private companies.