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Crypto Mining 101 Class

Crypto Mining 101 Class

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Educator: Loren McHenry
Class Difficulty: 2/5

Delve into the basics of mining Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Learn about Blockchain and everything you need to know to build, operate, and maintain mining equipment.

In this course, you will learn what blockchain technology is, how it functions, and how it pertains to mining. You will learn the basics of what a wallet is, why you need one, the different types of wallets, and how to set one up. In addition, you will learn what a mining pool is, why you need one, and how to get started. You will learn how to choose, download, and setup the software that is used for mining.

This course will also offer some basic tips on safety/power usage, how to measure power usage, and how to calculate energy costs that will be incurred from mining. 

Lastly you will be given access to a list of resources widely used within the industry, recommended/trusted partners, and educational content creators to help you on your journey!

The Crypto Mining 101 Course will end with a general discussion and Q&A.

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